I am a maker of drawings, paintings and prints*.

My paintings are a colorful interpretation of (our) Nature, shaped by my favorite works of art, stories, and themes throughout history recomposed with a nod to tradition, a touch of modernism, and spiced with a dash of contemporary wit. My (more creative) works generally come about through my studies from nature getting coopted by my imagination and humor.

I am also a teacher of drawing and painting. I base my curriculum on a contemporary classical framework focused on building essential skills.

Although I’ve been painting & drawing all my life, my formal art education began at the University of NE, Lincoln (BFA’94). After graduating, I kept painting and started selling works through galleries and to private collectors.

In 2011, I had an opportunity to study with Timothy & Michelle Tully Stotz at Studio Escalier in France. I underwent three years of study & practice focused upon a contemporary classical approach to painting the figure from life. I also devoted time to making extensive drawings of artworks in the Louvre. I focused my attention mostly on 15-18th C paintings and of course, Rubens.

At the moment, I'm in Omaha, NE, painting, drawing and teaching through my private studio as well as other arts institutions.

I am currently represented by Modern Arts Midtown of Omaha, NE and my work can be found in private collections internationally.

Laura Nothern in Honfleur
Laura Nothern in Argenton