I am a contemporary, figurative artist whose allegorical paintings look back to classical, mythological narratives and update them for the 21st century. My work explores our inner nature, making visible a “dreaming reality.” Through my art, I seek to express the mythic themes that play out beneath the surface of our seemingly mundane lives. I've been looking back at artists such as Nicolas Poussin, Peter Paul Rubens, and Gustave Moreau, as well as contemporary painters like John Currin and Adam Miller. Like them, I value the traditional materials and methods of oil painting for the connection they imply to history, and the visual dialogue they open up between past and present.

I work mostly in oil paint and charcoal, using traditional methods, ideas of form and composition, mixed with a contemporary sensibility. My works are grounded in drawings made from life, which I then alter and "dream into" overlaying them with memories, mythological or fairy tale narratives, and visual quotations from art history. This practice keeps me rooted in the visual discourse of painting, while giving me a framework for reimagining the present.

Although I’ve been painting and drawing all my life, my formal art education began at the University of NE, Lincoln (BFA’94). After graduating, I continued painting and started selling works through galleries and to private collectors.

From 2011-15, I had an opportunity to study at Studio Escalier in France. I underwent three year's practice of a contemporary classical approach to painting the figure from life. I also devoted time to making extensive drawings of artworks in the Louvre. I focused my attention mostly on 15-18th C paintings, and Rubens.

I'm in currently residing in Omaha, NE- painting, drawing, making prints and teaching through my private studio as well as the Joslyn Art Museum.

I'm represented locally by Modern Arts Midtown of Omaha, NE and my work can be found in private collections internationally.

Laura Nothern in Honfleur
Laura Nothern in Argenton