"The Triumph of Truth"

Greetings from the Louvre

"The Triumph of Truth"

“The Triumph of Truth” – drawing after Rubens

Recently, I’ve been spending a great deal of time at the Louvre studying the great masterworks there.  At the moment, I’m completely obsessed with Rubens.

There is so much that I can learn from this fellow: His sense of Movement, his Grace, and his radiant Natural Forms are all worthy targets for my studies.

Each of his paintings is like a force of Nature.  I can lose myself in them indefinitely; for the longer I look the more there is to see.

Last winter I spent an entire month drawing only a part of one painting, and it absolutely floored me with it’s complexity and intertwining movements. (See image above)

This year, I intend once again to take my time and venture into his compositions, following his pathways across ample forms and reaching for the radiance… and hopefully, if all goes well, these efforts will embed these sensibilities into my imagination and change my paintings for the better.