Post Studio Escalier update

Now that my time of study has ended, I’ve been refocusing myself on my work again, this time integrating new ideas and skills I’ve acquired over the past three years with the reason I came to study in the first place- to create a project I’ve long been gestating, the one I like to call “Mythogenesis”…

These endeavors are becoming a sort of allegorical/psychological landscape, where my reflections and experiences are given a new order, through the lens of my imagination and perhaps a twist of wit.

I am inspired by many things and integrate imagery from many sources – the natural world, art history, mythology, psychology, music, literature, my dreams, and even the internet.

I usually begin working in a spontaneous and rather dream-like state as the imagery comes together in my mind, but then the process slows down a bit, becoming more orderly and strategic as I set out to make the final painting.

I hope many things for my paintings, a few of which are these- that they be well made, with great formal strength and a sensuous quality in color & the application of paint, that they be engaging… and yes, I even hope for them to be beautiful.

Anyway, stay tuned folks… Something fresh is on the way! ?