The “Little book of monster studies”

Photo Oct 12, 6 08 05 PM

Monsters, dragons, imaginary creatures and composite beings- these are a few of my favorite things.  Not to mention undertaking perpetual side projects.

So, I recently have begun to create a “little book of monster studies” out of a small, unused booklet of fine watercolor paper I’ve been carrying around with me for some time. Since I prefer oil paints to watercolors (for endless reasons), I have been busy carefully priming the paper, taping off the edges, and preparing to paint upon the pages.

I will be filling this book with relatively quick oil studies of “mythical creatures” derived from master paintings which are always a delight for their imagination, innovation, understanding of light, and mastery of natural forms.  I feel this project will one day be a great treasure to myself, both because of the exercise in reproduction, as well as all the imaginary fuel it will provide for my own innovations and future experiments.

Shown here is the first painted page of this project, a strangely cute dragon from Raphael’s “St Georges luttant avec le dragon” painted around 1503-1505.